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Each color has another meaning and a portion of proceeds of each bracelet goes to a charity for that cause.  Here are some of the causes supported when you purchase that color bracelet:

Red - Our version of the Red String Kabbalah bracelet. Glammed up with gold chain and gold nuggets. Red string bracelets protect, ward of evil and offer strength to the wearer.

Black -  No Place For Hate program.  This program is designed to create inclusive school communities beginning at a young age. It teaches children from a young age that unity and respect for all. 

Light Blue - This sky blue bracelet was initially made to support lung cancer research. We also wear it because we love the color of the limitless sky.

Green -Let's join together as a community to support Direct Relief, which does such great work to provide support related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This emerald green silk cord represents life, hope and renewal – things all of us – worldwide - need right now. Let's enjoy the life affirming spirit of Spring, and the promise for hope and peace in the future.

Purple - We've created this deep, rich purple string bracelet to support Domestic Violence awareness, and Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Dusty Pink - This dusty pink silk bracelet raises funds for Play for P.I.N.K. to supprt the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Join us on our quest to find a cure

Mas Designs, the creator of these bracelets, has raised thousands of dollars over the years through the sale of the string bracelet.  They love to collaborate and raise awareness and funds for organizations.  Better pricing is available for orders of 25 or more.

Directions to tie on: Slip the bracelet over the wrist.  Gently pull the strings for a snug fit.  Tightly tie two simple knots on either side of the nuggets.  Trim the ends off the strings.  They will flair dramatically.

Tie the bracelet on, it will fall off when it no longer serves its' purpose. A percentage of proceeds benefit causes that will make your Heart Swell. One size fits all.

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